Coin Master Hack

Coin Master Hack

Coin Master Hack and Game Review: An Engrossing Game!


If you want to go on an epic journey with Vikings or want to play slots to crush enemies and get treasure, then Coin Master will be a perfect game for you to play! Once you start playing the game, you will certainly get hooked to your screens. In this game, you can travel through magical places, build your village and rule the Viking Empire. When you become an owner of the strongest village and have the most loot, you will become the Coin Master, but for this you may need our Coin Master Hack. So, are you ready?



Some Important Aspects Of Coin Master Hack & Game:

Coin Master Hack

Each item you build in the game will give you one Star. Once you collect 20 Stars you will be able to go to the next village.
You need to use the slot machine to earn coins, attack and raid other villages.
Make use of Hammer to attack other players and gain Coins.
You can earn Shields by spinning the wheel. Shields will protect your village from attacks.
To procure more Coins for building your village, you can raid other players from enemy villages and steal their Coins. Ensure that you take revenge on those who have attacked your village by looting them and procuring their treasures. If you are too lazy to collect coins, you can simply use Coin Master Hack.
By connecting your game to Facebook, you can obtain 100k coins to build and 50 extra spins to spend in the game. Moreover, you will be able to play and enjoy the game with your friends as well as save your progress.
On Facebook, the developers keep coming up with goodies like free spins, share information about an upcoming village, etc. So, keep a track on all of them to achieve success quickly in the game.
Don’t forget to spin the fortune wheel every single day for earning free stuffs. You may even end up getting 5 spins a day!
Coins and Gold Cards earned by the spin of fortune will help you to build strong villages and reach new levels. These can also be generated with Coin Master hack 2018.
Always collect as many Cards as possible to complete sets and move to the next village. As you keep conquering various villages, you will be nearing your goal to become the king of Viking Empire.
Make many friends and trade your cards with them. This will enable you to collect all cards.
If you own a pet in the game then make sure you find ways to get pet food. One method is to spin daily otherwise you will have to spend real world money on purchasing pet food.
You can even do island hopping and create some buildings out there. This will make you reach new islands.
The developers keep adding new villages to the game, so keep an eye on them. It’s always fun to have an upcoming new village.

Village Shop:

You need to start the game by building your first village. For that, you need to click on the building icon. In the beginning, you will be provided with 75,000 Coins in your account. Out of these coins, you need to buy your first house for 60,000 Coins from the village shop.

There are many more items available in the village shop. However, all those items are locked and will be unlocked as you keep progressing in the game. The only item unlocked at the start of the game is the house that you need to purchase.

Slot Machine:

Each item that you build will give you one Star. You need to collect 20 Stars to go to the next village. As you have already spent 60,000 Coins to build a house, you will fall short of Coins. So, you need to use the Slot Machine to earn Coins, attack, and raid other villages.

There is a timer on the Slot Machine and you can only get 5 Spins in each hour. So, you need to spin carefully on the Slot Machine, and try to earn loads of Coins. Moreover, if you do not check the game each hour, then you will miss on those 5 Spins. So, it is important to log in to the game every hour to avail full benefits or simply use Coin Master Hack to get more spins!

Once you have earned the attack icons on the Slot Machine, you can go and attack other players’ villages to gain Coins. For instance, if the first village that you attack is Fred’s village, then by attacking the village, you will be able to earn the number of Coins that are available in the village. Similarly, as you keep progressing you will be able to attack several other players’ villages. The next village that you may come across to attack is Nadia’s village.

How To Acquire Coins?

In short, spinning is not the only way to earn Coins. You can earn them by raiding and attacking other Vikings in the game or generating with Coin Master Cheats. It does not matter if the Viking is a friend or foe! Attacking them is vital as you need enough loot to build your village. You can even take revenge on those players who have attacked your village by bringing back all your hard-earned loot. Moreover, by attacking other player’s village, you never know what treasures you will be able to find there. These treasures will be in the form of Cards. You may come across some Common or Rare Cards in the game.

How To Get More Spins?

At the Slot Machine, you will fall short of Spins very soon. To get more Spins, you can either purchase them by spending real world money or wait for some time or try 3rd option – Coin Master Hack. If you want to spend money then for approximately $6, you will be able to acquire 60 Spins.

However, spending real money is not a feasible option for most of the players. So, it is better to wait for the timer to get over and play the game by using the traditional method. You can even watch videos to get free spins. Another easy method to get more Spins is by joining social media networking sites like Facebook. Once you join them, you can avail 50 free Spins.

Earning Shields On The Slot Machine!

When you earn Shields on the Slot Machine, you can make use of them to protect your village from the attacks of the Vikings. The Slot Machine will even give you an opportunity to earn more spins. With all those coins that you keep earning through Slot Machine, you can spend them on buying stuff from the village shop. The more you purchase items, the more you will earn Stars.

Through the Slot Machine, you can raid the Coin Master’s village and steal his coins. For instance, assuming that the Coin Master is Lork and you need to raid him in the game. Lork has 348,000 Coins in his treasure. You need to steal as many Coins as possible from him.

You will get three chances to steal from his village. However, there will be 4 places available to dig. If you dig the wrong place, you won’t get any coin. If you dig the right places, then you will be able to earn Coins. The more you earn the better for you! If you dig at all three right places, then it will be a perfect raid! You will be able to earn the entire amount of Coins that was available with Lork i.e. 348,000 Coins in this case.

Once you have raided enough coins from Lork or any other Coin Master, you will get a new Coin Master in the game. The new Coin Master will have much more Coins as compared to the previous one.

As you keep progressing in the game and earning Coins, you will be able to upgrade your items in the village, if you fail to upgrade you can fasten the process by trying out Coin Master Hack. Upgrading can be done by purchasing stuff from the village shop. All upgrades require loads of Coins, so you need to earn plenty of them.

Card Collection:

There are innumerable Cards available in the game. These cards can be unlocked by reaching a new level. For instance, some cards will be unlocked by reaching village 3, while some will unlock by reaching village 5. The game developers keep bringing new Cards in the game. You can know more about the newly launched Cards at the social networking sites like Facebook.

You can even join the trading group of the game on Facebook for trading some of the Cards that you have in your possession. By sharing a Card that you are missing in the group, you can avail a chance to win 250 Spins + a free Rare Card. Some of the Cards that you will come across in the game are Chocolate Bar, Lemon Pie, Doughnut, Sugar Rush, etc.

Another way to earn Cards is by looting the Vikings. While raiding them, if you are lucky enough then you can acquire some Rare or Common Cards. You can collect these Cards and complete your set. Once you complete the set, you will be able to move to the next village. There are several villages available in the game and with every village that you conquer; you will be able to win greater rewards.


All in all, the Coin Master game is a highly addictive and extremely entertaining game for all ages. A word of caution here is that once you start playing, you will keep checking every now and then for spins, so get into the game only if you have enough free time in hand.  Happy gaming and happy cheating with Coin Master Cheats !

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