Coin Master Guide

Coin Master Guide – Learn More About The Game

Coin Master is an engrossing online game where you need to spin the slot machine in order to progress. Whatever you get on the slot machine will decide the steps that need to be taken in the game. Mentioned below are the details on what requires to be done when you will receive shield, hammer, or pig face while spinning the slot machine:


A shield is an important resource in the game. If you acquire Shield on the slot machine, then you can use it for protecting your village from the attack of opponents. However, remember that the Shield can be used only for a single attack. You will have to acquire another Shield to use for the next time. Whenever you acquire a Shield, you should plan to attack other player’s villages as you do not have to worry about your own village because it is shielded.


If you procure a hammer while spinning the slot machine, then you can use it for attacking other villages. Hammer can be used for attacking 1-5 villages. Once you have successfully attacked the opponents, you will be rewarded with Coins, the in-game currency. If an opponent attacks your village, then you need to wait until it recovers completely. Once your village is recovered, you can attack others.

Pig Face:

When you get a pig face in the slot machine, then it is time to rejoice. A pig face is the best picture that you could acquire by spinning the slot machine. With it, you can attack other villages and steal their Coins. So, ensure that you select a village carefully as it should have many Coins. Remember that there is a time limit to steal Coins, so do not waste your time in doing unnecessary things. Just loot the village first! A pig face is the best way to take revenge from those players who have attacked your village.

How To Get Free Spins Repeatedly?



There is a limited amount of spins that you can get each day. Once the five spins get over for the day, you can make use of the below mentioned steps to acquire them again:

  • First step is to close your game properly on the playing device. You can do it by restarting your gaming device.
  • Click on the date setting icon of your device. Set your time forward by one day.
  • Next step is to open the game on the same device.
  • You will notice that you have acquired free spins again. Enjoy!

The aforesaid steps can be followed whenever you require additional spins in the game. Ensure that you change back your time again.

Advantages Of Connecting Your Game To Facebook:

By connecting your game to the official Facebook page, you can acquire several goodies. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The one-time reward that you will get by connecting with FB is 100K Coins.
  • Make plenty of friends on social media sites and enjoy your favorite game by playing with them.
  • Check your friend’s village profile easily through FB.
  • You will earn 50 extra spins on the slot machine.
  • You can save your progress in the game through Facebook.

Keep Track Of Your In-Game Currencies:

Before you spin the slot machine, you need to check the amount of Coins in your account. There are situations when you attack other villages and your village gets attacked too. To come out of these circumstances, you need to have some Coins in your gaming account otherwise you will not be able to succeed further in the game.

Play Mini-Games:

You will come across several mini-games, which are quiet interesting. Successful completion of mini-games will provide some additional Coins. These games are easy to play and gets over quickly. They are based on score system and the higher your scores, the better you earn. So, playing them often would let you generate plenty of in-game currency.

Acquire Gifts:

You can acquire various gifts in the game. One of the most commonly obtained gifts is to invite friends to play the game and earn free Spins. In return, you can send several Coins and Spins as gift to your friends. The number of Spins and Coins that you send to your friends will not be deducted from your gaming account.

Special Offers:

Keep a track on the special offers that are available in the game. One of them is that you need to buy certain number of Coins and Spins within a time period by spending real money. Once you do that, you can avail a discount of 50%. This offer is perfect for gamers who are ready to spend their hard-earned money on buying virtual currencies. For the rest of the gamers, they can make use of Coin Master Cheats to generate currencies instantly.

Check Leaderboard:

This is a perfect tip for new gamers as by checking the leaderboard, they will get an idea of the achievements made by various players. At the leaderboard, you can know about the player who has acquired highest number of Stars across the world or in a particular country. Another aspect that you can check here is the village profile of each player by clicking on their names. Leaderboard certainly is a great way to understand several aspects of the game.

So, make use of the aforesaid tips and tricks to progress quickly in Coin Master Game. The game can be enjoyed by all ages, so have fun while playing with your family!

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