Coin Master Tips and Tricks

Coin Master Tips and Tricks

All That You Wanted To Know In Coin Master Tips and Tricks!


The Coin Master game is an entertaining one that can be enjoyed by all age groups. However, parents need to keep a check on their kids if they are making in-app purchases. Otherwise, it is a clean and interesting online game that can be played by kids and adults alike. It requires a couple of minutes to download the game on Android devices. Once downloaded, you can start playing instantly!


In the settings section of the game, you can put ‘on’ the sound and music for extra effects. You can even put ‘on’ the volume to get notifications for raids and attacks, and general notifications. If you have problems in playing the game, then you can check out the tutorials, which are available in the settings section.


There are numerous places available on the Map. The first 20 places in the right order have been mentioned in the list below. So, the Land of Vikings is the first village that you will come across in the game and The Arctic is the 20th village. Other than these, there are many other places that you can unlock. As you keep progressing in the game, you will be able to unlock these places.

  • Land of Vikings.
  • Ancient Egypt.
  • Snowy Alps.
  • Far East.
  • Stone Age.
  • Sunny Hawaii.
  • The Future.
  • Arabian Nights.
  • Moon Landing.
  • Wild West.
  • The Arctic.

Social Media Sites – Facebook:

An easy option for earning more spins is to connect the game through Facebook. By connecting to Facebook, you will get the below-mentioned perks:

  • You will be able to join and play with millions of players from across the world.
  • You can share your experiences and acquire some knowledge on the game by being friends with them.
  • 50 Extra Spins to spend.
  • 1M Coins to Build.
  • You will be able to save your progress.
  • You can play with your friends and try to become the next Coin Master.

Moreover, you will even be able to avail some of the finest offers that are provided by the developers. There are numerous contests held on Facebook that gives a chance to win innumerable Spins or Coins. You can keep an eye on them and try to participate in all these contests. For instance, by commenting or sharing a post, you can get a chance to win 300 Spins. Cool, isn’t it?


There are several Gifts available in the game. One of the gifts is to invite friends and get free spins. The Coins and Spins that you send to friends will not be deducted from your balance.

You will even come across some special offers in the game wherein within a time period if you purchase certain amount of Coins and Spins then you will get 50% discount. Players who are ready to spend real world money can avail these discounts and enjoy the game.


At the Leaderboard, you will be able to know the name of those players who have earned lots of trophies in the game. Moreover, you can even know the player who has earned highest number of Stars country-wise or globally. You can even check out their villages by clicking on their name. If you are a novice then this will help you to understand the game better as you can check other players’ achievements.

Game Shop:

You can purchase Spins from the game shop in fixed amounts like 20 Spins, 55 Spins, 150 Spins, etc. or simply generate them with Coin Master Hack. The higher the quantity of Spins you purchase the more discounts you will get. For instance, if you purchase 650 Spins then you will get 30% more Spins. The best value pack consists of 1,350 Spins wherein you will get 35% more Spins.

Coins And Chests:

Coins are the primary currency of the game. You can earn Coins by winning at the Slot Machine. Another way to earn Coins is by spending real world money. Coins can be bought from the game shop. The more Coins you buy the better discounts you can avail!

The best value pack of coins is the one that will give you 60,000,000 Coins, which will be 140% more than the original value. Moreover, the most popular Coins pack is the one where you can earn 4,000,000 Coins at 60% more than the original value. Chests can be unlocked by reaching Level 3. The Chests are also available at the game shop. When you reach village 4, you will be able to unlock the Pets collection.


To conclude, Coin Master is a fun game that can keep you busy for several days. So, indulge in the game with your family and try to build the strongest village!

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